About Your Sacred Space Interiors

andrea_1749THE COMPANY


Established in 1998, Your Sacred Space Interiors™ is based in Toronto, Canada, owned and operated by Design Fairy Godmother, Andrea Carini.

Andrea oversees a select design team of trades, artisans, artists, all Merry Men and Women, to help her clients create individual spaces unique to them and signature to her company.

Andrea believes in and creates sustainable design and art, which is incorporated into her client’s spaces with great thought, and attention to detail.

Her YSS interior design focus is primarily in residential including condominiums. However, we are currently expanding to include “boutique” commercial spaces like hotels and restaurants. Great Interior Design, Expert Renovation and Personalized Style have no limits at YSS!  AND…We whistle while we work!


Andrea and her team approach design without ego. The client is our Creative Partner. This is a vital ingredient to the Interior Design Magic!

She gets to know her client’s personality, lifestyle, needs, wishes, their values, design likes/dislikes, all of which become the foundation to create a very personalized interior design plan. She listens.

Andrea believes in educating her clients throughout the process, Great decisions are made, when confidence, trust and a common language exist. A little design wisdom helps to manifest the perfect space, unique and authentic to any King or Queen!

With experience living and working in other lands, Andrea brings her respectful and sensitive approach to any global lifestyle, culture, art, values, or spiritual beliefs, while incorporating them if requested as design elements.

At YSS, her innovative, and informed expertise will help you transform your castle into one that you love—beautiful, functional, harmonious and all about you!

2 thoughts on “About Your Sacred Space Interiors

  1. Andrea,
    What a magnificent bathroom makeover.
    I love the red accents and the tile work.
    You truely have transformed a basic room into a wonderful piece of art.
    Congratulations, Andrea,
    Terri Toscano

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